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i’m so mad why is kubo so shit at pacing???


lov these trans girls


lov these trans girls

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【腐向け】ジョジョろぐ三部四部まぜこぜ by シャケタラバ

[Permission to post (& translate) on tumblr has been been given by original artist (シャケタラバさん, ありがとうございます!)]

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please forgive the out of characterness of Keicho this comic is pretty old~ Just indulging in some Okuyasu angst 

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caligori is seriously… SERIOUSLY amazing


i’ve been 18+ since i was 12

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i mean… we don’t like. do the whole. lip-to-lip thing a lot but he macks on my forehead and cheeks a lot. and my nose. it was really awkward and junk at first but i got used to it real quick

i’m still tryin to get used to returnin the favor. i aint used to this “open affection” thing, y’know??? public displays or whatever

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Anonymous SAID:
Where did u get caligori's doujin from and what we're ur buying methods I would really love to own it caligori = quality josuyasu ftw ^u^

I don’t physically have it in my awesome grubby hands yet, but i ordered it through Ash’s buying service at (my first time using it aaaaaah) They actually go to the doujinshi events, in this case, I put my order in for GoldenBlood 14 because I’m not sure if caligori will sell her work outside of events :(

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Happy JoJo FridayHere’s unphotogenic Jotaro 


Happy JoJo Friday
Here’s unphotogenic Jotaro 

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All kisses all the time